November 22, 2017

Protecting Victim’s & Their Family’s Rights in a Serious Injury or Wrongful Death

A serious auto accident injury or wrongful death case can arise when one person is injured or dies as a result of another’s careless or intentional act.  When you experience a life altering injury or loss of a loved one, the pain of the situation can be intensified as you may experience not only loss of income from lost work, but expenses may arise from medical and other bills.  Additionally, losing a loved one unexpectedly is a tragedy that can leave a family unsure of where to turn in searching for answers.  It is therefore wise to consult a law firm that has experience in handling wrongful death claims on behalf of families under similar circumstances.



A serious injury that occurs as the result of the negligent act of others, or by products that are defective can be cause to bring a personal injury claim.  When it has been established that another’s careless or intentional act caused your injury, they may be held legally responsible for their actions.  In these instances, a personal injury claim can help to hold the responsible party accountable and recover monetary compensation to the injured.


When the death of a person is caused by the negligence or otherwise wrongful act (or failure to act) by another, a wrongful death claim may be filed to hold the wrongdoer accountable and to recover monetary compensation.  The type of compensation allowed depends upon the particular circumstances of the case.  It is not uncommon, however, for the compensation allowed to include reimbursement for medical and hospital bills, funeral and burial expenses, compensation for the loss of the person’s love and companionship, and lost earnings.


Personal injury and wrongful death claims involve a complex part of law.  Anyone with questions about a serious injury or  wrongful death claim, or who may considering filing a serious injury or wrongful death claim, should consult with a qualified serious injury and wrongful death attorney as soon as possible.  There are several reasons for this.  First, there are important deadlines which may apply to the case.  It is crucial to determine as early as possible which of these deadlines will apply in your case.  Determining which of these deadlines are applicable in a given case can be a complicated task, as it depends upon the particular facts of the case, including the type of defendants that may be involved, and other factors.  It is also important to act quickly to preserve important evidence that may be needed to prove the case.  The sooner this investigation is begun, the better.  Witnesses memories tend to fade; therefore, it is important to consider obtaining witness statements as soon as possible.  It may also be important to obtain photos, medical records, and other information quickly to ensure it is available if needed to prove the case.

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