December 15, 2017


When you’re involved in an auto accident, the impact upon you can reverberate far beyond the initial collision. Medical bills, lost wages, and property damage are all concerns.  Knowing how to handle the situation immediately after the collision can help protect your rights.  Consulting with an experienced auto accident attorney can further help you in securing your legal rights and help to get you the best possible compensation.


Two types of claims can result from an auto accident: (1) personal or ‘bodily injury’ claims and (2) property damage claims.  Accident that result in death can also involve claims for “wrongful death”.  There are a variety of harms for which compensation may be obtained include medical bills, lost wages, pain, temporary or permanent impairment, disfigurement and scarring, among others.  We can help you determine which of these may apply to your case.


Often, one thinks a bodily injury claim arises only out of a serious auto accident; however, even minor accidents can result in injuries that may require medical attention for symptoms that were not immediately noticed at the time of the accident.


In Indiana, the “at fault” driver that caused the accident, and more practically their insurance provider,  is the one financially responsible for covering the resulting injuries or damage.  We can help you get the information needed to accurately determine who is at fault.


The actions you take after an auto accident can have a lasting effect on your right to make a claim for fair compensation.  Admitting fault without proper evaluation, failing to follow up with medical care, and failing to involve the police are a few examples of actions that could negatively effect your right to pursue an auto accident injury claim.  By consulting with us soon after you are involved in a collision, we can help you work through critical aspects of your claim and insure you receive the compensation you deserve.  We can assist you with properly documenting the accident, including taking photos, getting information from witnesses, and obtaining an official police report.


Dealing with your insurance provider or that of the at-fault driver’s insurance provider can be a daunting process after an auto accident .  While it is comforting to think that our insurance company is ‘on our side’, the reality is that insurance companies work hard to limit the amount payment they make on a claim.  We will work diligently on your behalf to locate and evaluate available insurance coverage and deal with the insurance company to obtain fair compensation for you.


Anyone injured in an auto accident should consult with a qualified and experienced auto accident attorney as soon as possible.  Navigating an auto accident claim can be complex, as there are crucial deadlines which apply to the case.  Determining as early as possible which of these deadlines are applicable to your case can be a complicated task, as it depends upon the particular facts of the case, including the type of defendants that may be involved, and other factors.  It is also important to act quickly to preserve important evidence that may be needed to prove the case.  The sooner this investigation is begun, the better.  Witnesses memories tend to fade; therefore, it is important to consider obtaining witness statements as soon as possible.  It may also be important to obtain photos, medical records, and other information quickly to ensure it is available if needed to prove the case.


If you have questions regarding auto accident injury case we want to help you.  For a free consultation, contact us by calling 877-769-5377 or using the Free Case Consultation contact form on this site.   Initial case evaluations are always free, and no fees are charged until we are able to obtain a recovery on your behalf.