December 15, 2017
Surgical Malpractice “Never Events” Occur More Than 4000 Times Per Year in the U.S.

The healthcare industry has identified certain acts of malpractice, which are so egregious, there is universal agreement that they should never occur under any circumstances.  These acts of malpractice include leaving foreign objects (eg., sponges) in the patient’s body during surgery, performing the wrong surgical procedure, operating on the wrong body part, and the like. … Read more


If you pay taxes, you should take note of a recently released report by the the U.S. Inspector General about the improper Medicare billing practices by U.S. nursing homes.   In its report, the Office of Inspector General (“OIG”)  describes identifying in recent years that U.S. nursing homes have been submitting inaccurate, medically unnecessary, and “fraudulent” … Read more

Ask The Medical Malpractice Attorney

Question: How long does it take to prosecute a medical malpractice case in Indiana? Answer: This is difficult to precisely answer because there are many variables that can come into play.  As a starting point, it can often take several months or longer in order to obtain the necessary medical records and conduct the the … Read more

Indiana nursing homes have for some time now been recognized as the worst in the nation.  For example, in 2009 the U.S. Government Accountability Office found that Indiana had the “greatest number of the ‘most poorly performing’ nursing homes in the nation…”#  Unfortunately, too little is done to publicly inform the public of the neglect … Read more

The Missouri Supreme Court struck down a $350,000 limit on jury awards for “pain and suffering” in medical malpractice cases, saying the law violates a patient’s right to a jury trial.  The case began as an action filed by Deborah Watts of Springfield, Mo., whose son, Naython, was born with catastrophic brain injuries at Cox … Read more

A local Indianapolis doctor was arrested Monday on warrants for sexual battery and battery. The warrants for the arrest were in response to several female patients’ complaints of sexual misconduct against Segun Rasaki, M.D. Dr. Rasaki is a board certified family practice doctor with 25 years experience, 12 of which he has practiced in Indiana. … Read more

A recent study conducted by researchers at UC San Francisco concluded that consumers considering a nursing home should also ask ‘who owns this place’?  The study found that among the nation’s 10 largest for-profit nursing home chains the quality of care delivered to patients was significantly lower than their non-for-profit counterparts.  The main reason: staffing … Read more

On November 28, 2011 the Indiana Department of Health released the results for the 2010 Medical Errors Report, with the most common medical error being Stage 3 or Stage 4 pressure ulcers, also known as ‘pressure sores’ or ‘bedsores’. Preventable medical errors are a top health care concern not only for patient safety but also … Read more

When you enter the hospital for a health care concern, you are usually not focused on the question of  ‘what else could go wrong with me while I am here?”.  Yet, a recent study by the Institute of Healthcare Improvement based out of Cambridge, MA reported that one in three persons will be affected by … Read more

As reported recently by the Indianapolis Star, The Wesley Healthcare nursing home in Auburn, Indiana was recently cited for sending a patient to the hospital and refusing to take the patient back after the physicians found no reason to keep him there.  The patient was forced to live for 5 days in an emergency room … Read more