December 15, 2017

Nursing Home Neglect at Thorton Terrace

The Powless Law Firm has filed a civil lawsuit alleging negligence by the Thorton Terrace Health Campus nursing home in Hanover, Indiana.  The allegations involve multiple instances of substandard care that resulted in an Indiana State Department of Health investigation finding that the facility violated state and federal nursing home regulations intended to ensure quality care.  The claim involves the care rendered to a military veteran who was admitted to the facility to receive professional skilled nursing care.  Due to the patient’s medical condition, the facility knew from the outset that the patient may be vulnerable to the development of pressure sores (also known as bed sores) if proper nursing precautions were not taken (such as turning and repositioning the patient, providing proper pressure support surfaces, etc.).

Tragically, within weeks of being admitted to the nursing home, the patient was allowed to develop multiple advanced and/or necrotic pressure sores on his torso.  Indeed, the investigation by the Indiana State Department of Health found that “there was no plan of care developed to address the resident’s risk of developing pressure ulcers.”  The facility was required to develop a plan of correction  to address the many care violations; however, the patient unfortunately died within weeks.  His surviving wife is pursuing this case in an effort to hold this nursing home accountable.

Our investigation into these matters is continuing.  If you have information related to substandard care provided by this facility, please contact us at 877-769-5377.  Together we can make a difference.

Pressure sores are a preventable medical condition.  You can learn more about pressure sores here.

 What You Can Do

If you suspect a loved one has been the victim of nursing home abuse or neglect, understanding the signs is an important first step in getting help.  The next important step is to have the matter investigated by filing a complaint.  You can find more information about filing a nursing home complaint here. We provide free assistance to anyone who needs help filing a nursing home complaint. Just call us.


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