December 18, 2017
Medical Negligence Claim Filed Against Hospital After Patient Discharged Without Treatment for a Stroke

WASHINGTON, INDIANA — A former patient of Daviess County Hospital has filed a complaint with the Indiana Department of Insurance alleging medical negligence because the patient was discharged from the ER after suffering a stroke without proper and necessary assessment and treatment. As a result, the complaint alleges, the former patient has suffered severe and … Read more

Patient Dies Following Massive Overdoses Given By Hospital – Complaint Filed

St. Vincent Williamsport Hospital The family of an Indiana woman who died after being administered multiple overdoses of potent opioid pain medication while a hospital patient has filed a complaint with the Indiana Department of Insurance alleging negligence and wrongful death. The complaint was filed against St. Vincent Williamsport Hospital Inc., after the woman died in … Read more

The No. 1 Secret To Avoid Becoming A Medical Malpractice Victim

It is hard not to worry about the possibility of becoming a medical malpractice victim.  A 2013 study reported in the Journal of Patient Safety found that between 210,000 and 440,000 patients each year who go to the hospital for care suffer some type of preventable harm that contributes to their death. Well, a new study published by … Read more

Wrongful Death Claim Filed Against Columbus Indiana Nursing Home

The Powless Law Firm filed a nursing home neglect and wrongful death claim against the Four Seasons Retirement Center in Columbus, Indiana.  The claim was brought on behalf of the husband of a patient who was admitted to the facility for professional nursing care when her husband of more than 70 years became injured and … Read more

In its upcoming May 2013 issue, Consumer Reports is releasing their updated hospital safety ratings, and the grades show that hospitals are still a dangerous place to be.   It is estimated that medical mistakes, hospital contracted infections, and other substandard care contribute to the death of 180,000 hospital patients each year.  Deaths that could potentially … Read more

Area Hospitals Feel ‘Squeeze’ to Improve Patient Safety An article appearing in the Indianapolis Star reports on how hospitals are now coming around to reducing the occurrence of patient readmissions within 30 days of their original discharge.  The measures, including improved discharged planning, “health coaching” and “telehealth” monitoring are beginning to be instituted to discharged … Read more

Surgical Malpractice “Never Events” Occur More Than 4000 Times Per Year in the U.S.

The healthcare industry has identified certain acts of malpractice, which are so egregious, there is universal agreement that they should never occur under any circumstances.  These acts of malpractice include leaving foreign objects (eg., sponges) in the patient’s body during surgery, performing the wrong surgical procedure, operating on the wrong body part, and the like. … Read more

The One That Got Away – Patients Often Exit Surgery With “Retained Surgical Items”

As patients, we rely on our health care professionals for our safety and well-being, no more so than when we have to undergo a surgical procedure.  Yet, according to a recent New York Times article nearly 4000 patients leave the operating room with a “retained surgical item”, what should be a preventable medical error.  The … Read more

On November 28, 2011 the Indiana Department of Health released the results for the 2010 Medical Errors Report, with the most common medical error being Stage 3 or Stage 4 pressure ulcers, also known as ‘pressure sores’ or ‘bedsores’. Preventable medical errors are a top health care concern not only for patient safety but also … Read more