December 15, 2017
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How To Recognize Abuse and Neglect

Nursing home neglect and abuse can be a “hidden problem” because the victims are often not capable of expressing pain or reporting the neglect or abuse on their own.  Too often, employees of the nursing home conceal known neglect or abuse from the family.  Thus, it is extraordinarily important that others be watchful for any … Read more

Types of Abuse or Neglect

Nursing home abuse and/or neglect can involve not only the physical well-being of the resident, but also the mental, and/or psychological well-being of the resident as well. Nursing home abuse and/or neglect can take many forms, all of which are too numerous to list.  The following, however, represent common examples of  nursing home abuse and/or … Read more

Pressure Sores (also known as Bed Sores) Often Due to Neglect

A pressure sore (also commonly referred to as a “pressure ulcer”, “bedsore”, “decubitus ulcer”, or “dermal ulcer”) is by-and-large preventable if appropriate measures are taken by the health care provider. Tragically, too many victims who are vulnerable to the development of pressure sores are not capable of complaining of the discomfort or pain they are … Read more