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What You Should Do If You Are In A Car Accident

Auto accidents can happen in an instant.  It is difficult to think clearly in the aftermath.  Therefore, we have prepared the following checklist which can be kept in your glovebox just in case you ever need it.


If you have been involved in a car accident:

  1. Do not leave the accident scene.  If you are involved in an automobile accident and don’t stop, you could be prosecuted for leaving the scene.  You should bring your car to a stop as close to the point of impact as possible, without obstructing traffic or putting yourself or others in danger.
  1. Warn approaching cars by raising your hood and using your car’s hazard lights.  Alert on-coming traffic by placing flares or reflectors on the road if the accident occurred after dark.
  1. Take note of your location so that you can report the accident to the police and emergency responders if needed.
  1. If someone is injured, rendered aid if you are qualified and call for medical help.
  1. Call the police to report the accident.
  1. Exchange information with the other driver(s) (name, phone number, driver’s license number, license plate number, insurance company and policy number).
  1. Obtain the names and telephone numbers of any witnesses to the accident.  It may be important to have these witnesses testify later on.  Your attorney may want to contact them soon after the accident so that a statement can be taken while their recollection of the events is fresh.
  1. Take photographs of the accident scene and the damage to the vehicles involved.  This will help your attorney evaluate your case and obtain the compensation to which you are entitled.
  1. Do not admit responsibility for the accident.  If you admit that you were at fault, that could be used against you by the other driver’s insurance company even if other evidence later shows that the other driver was at fault, or was equally to blame for the accident.
  1. If your car is towed, get the name, address, and telephone number of the driver and the towing company.
  1. Call your insurance company as soon as possible to report the accident, and follow-up by sending written notice of the accident to your insurance company.  Your insurance policy likely requires you to promptly put them on notice.
  1. You and any passengers should consider seeing a doctor if you are hurt or unsure if you are hurt.  The doctor may recognize injuries, sometimes serious, that are not readily apparent to you.  It is quite common for the symptoms to develop a day or so after the accident.  The medical bills may be covered by insurance.
  1. Do not settle your case until your doctor has advised you about the full extent of your injuries.
  1. Call a qualified car accident lawyer as soon as possible.  There are many complicated issues that need to be considered.  Your lawyer can counsel you on how to respond to questions from insurance adjusters.  Your lawyer can also help you determine whether there is insurance available to help pay your medical bills and compensate you for your injuries.  Your lawyer can discuss with you the important deadlines that apply to your case depending on the particular circumstances.  Your lawyer can help you determine what the fair compensation is for your personal injuries and damages to your car.

When you call the Powless Law Firm, P.C., you do not need to worry about paying attorneys’ fees.  We offer free consultations on all auto accident claims.  We also offer a NO‑CHARGE GUARANTEE meaning that we charge absolutely no attorneys’ fees until we make a successful recovery on your behalf.

You can call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We are here to answer your questions during these difficult times.  Our toll free number is 877-769-5377.


Car accidents can happen in an instant.  Having a checklist handy to refer to under these circumstances can be extremely helpful.

Call us and request a free laminated copies of the “Auto Accident Glovebox Checklist” for your cars.

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