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Wrongful Death Claim Filed Against Columbus Indiana Nursing Home

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Wrongful Death Claim Filed Against Columbus Indiana Nursing Home

The Powless Law Firm filed a nursing home neglect and wrongful death claim against the Four Seasons Retirement Center in Columbus, Indiana.  The claim was brought on behalf of the husband of a patient who was admitted to the facility for professional nursing care when her husband of more than 70 years became injured and unable to care for her at home.  The patient was noted by the nursing staff to be having difficulty breathing after she vomited.  According to the records, although there was a physician order indicating the patient was “full code”, the nursing home had wrongly placed a DNR bracelet on her indicating she was not to be resuscitated.  As her condition deteriorated, nursing never called 911.  The patient was not taken to the hospital, never given oxygen, and was never given CPR or any other emergency aid before she died.

The nursing home was investigated by the Indiana State Department of Health, which found multiple care deficiencies.  The nursing home has not, however, accepted liability for this tragic incident.  “The family’s purpose in bringing this claim is to find a sense of accountability for this horrible, but preventable, error,” said Jeff Powless, one of the attorneys representing the claimants.  “The hope is that this claim may help bring about changes to prevent this from happening to someone else.”

According to the ISDH records, the Four Seasons Retirement Center is owned by BHI Senior Living, Inc. located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Our investigation into these matters is continuing.  If you have information related to substandard care provided by this facility, please contact us at 877-769-5377.  Together we can make a difference.

The Powless Law Firm is an Indiana law firm that represents victims and families state-wide in serious cases involving nursing home neglect, medical negligence, personal injury and wrongful death.

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