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News Report: Indianapolis Doctor Arrested on Sexual Battery Charges

By: admin March 13, 2012 no comments

News Report: Indianapolis Doctor Arrested on Sexual Battery Charges

A local Indianapolis doctor was arrested Monday on warrants for sexual battery and battery. The warrants for the arrest were in response to several female patients’ complaints of sexual misconduct against Segun Rasaki, M.D. Dr. Rasaki is a board certified family practice doctor with 25 years experience, 12 of which he has practiced in Indiana. He is denying any wrong-doing in the case.

According to court documents, two patients reported concerns of having inappropriate interactions with the doctor involving his actions and conversations. According to investigators a female patient reported that Rasaki tried to talk her into having a pap smear and then asked if she’d ‘do favors’ in exchange for higher doses of medicine. Another alleged that Rasaki fondled her breast and made inappropriate comments. Rasaki has dismissed the claims as ‘lies’.

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police are requesting that patients come forward if they have any additional information regarding the case.

Patients and doctors have a unique relationship, where trust is a major factor. Our firm works to hold accountable those doctors that violate or abuse their position.

Original reporting: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/46711409/ns/local_news-indianapolis_in/#.T1-x2_GfcsI

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