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South Bend Nursing Homes Under Scrutiny for Abuse and Neglect

By: jeff.powless September 2, 2012 no comments

South Bend Nursing Homes Under Scrutiny for Abuse and Neglect

Indiana nursing homes have for some time now been recognized as the worst in the nation.  For example, in 2009 the U.S. Government Accountability Office found that Indiana had the “greatest number of the ‘most poorly performing’ nursing homes in the nation…”#  Unfortunately, too little is done to publicly inform the public of the neglect and abuse too prevalent in Indiana’s nursing homes.  However, this week, ABC news out of South Bend aired a report after conducting its own review of records related to investigations of nursing homes in the local area.  This report revealed disturbing findings that are indicative of the quality of care problems facing Indiana nursing home patients.  The report referenced mice feces “all over” the kitchen at Cardinal Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, and at a nearby facility, the Milton Home, allegations of sexual abuse upon one patient and the withholding of medication from another patient for 11 days.

For every incident such as those described in the ABC news report, countless other acts of neglect and abuse go unreported.   The Indiana State Department of Health — the agency responsible for inspecting nursing homes in this state — simply do not have the manpower to effectively monitor  the more than 500 nursing homes in the state.  The only way to incentivize nursing homes more concerned with their profits than their patients is to be vigilant, report any evidence of neglect or abuse, and take action to hold the offending nursing homes accountable.

You can learn more about how to recognize recognize signs and symptoms of nursing home neglect and abuse, and what you can do about it.

For more information generally about nursing home neglect and abuse in Indiana, check out Indiana Nursing Home Watch.

Posted by Jeff Powless
Indianapolis Attorney
Representing victims of nursing home neglect and abuse

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