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Voyeurism Felony Charge for Indiana Nursing Home Employee

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Voyeurism Felony Charge for Indiana Nursing Home Employee

A former employee of the Waters of Scottsburg nursing home has been charged with the felony of voyeurism involving a nursing home patient, according to a media report. According to the report, the female employee allegedly took a naked photograph of a nursing home patient’s back, buttocks and legs and shared the photograph with others on social media.

According to the report, the accused former employee used Snapchat to share the photo with others. Snapchat is a social media app that is used to share photos in a manner that allows them to disappear within seconds.

According to the Indiana State Department of Health, the Waters of Scottsburg is owned by Dearborn County Hospital and has a patient census of 83 persons.

Both State and Federal law guarantee patients certain rights. These rights include:

  • • the right to be treated with respect and dignity in recognition of your individuality and preferences;
  • • the right to privacy in one’s room and during bathing, medical treatment, and personal care; and,
  • • the right to be free from verbal, physical, sexual, and mental abuse; corporal punishment; neglect; and involuntary seclusion.

This incident represents only the latest cause for concern about the operation, oversight and management of Indiana nursing homes. Earlier this year, a grand jury filed indictments against a former employee of Woodland Hills Care Center in Lawrenceburg, Indiana relating to the death of a patient of the nursing home. According to news reports, a witness in that case told detectives that the employee violently pulled the patient from a walker, breaking the patient’s vertebra and causing death. (see article: Indiana Nursing Home Employee Indicted in Connection with Death)

In another instance, news outlets reported that the Greenfield and Indianapolis police departments were involved in the investigation of a massive identity theft ring with a Greenfield nursing home at the center of the investigation. According to the reports, there are more than 100 identities stolen and more than $100,000. Police, according to the reports, have indicated someone from inside the facility may be responsible. (see article: Police Investigating Massive Identity Theft Ring Centering Around Greenfield Nursing Home)

In yet another case, a former nursing home employee was charged with sexual battery, battery with injury, and intimidation arising her employment as a certified nursing aide at Providence Home Health Care in Jasper, Indiana. According to reports, these felony criminal charges were based upon allegations that the nursing home employee performed sexual acts with a patient, and then threatened the patient if he told anyone about it. (see article: Indiana Nursing Home Abuse Complaint Results Felony Charges)

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