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Tag: quality of care

Nursing Home Abuse: Understanding Your Rights and Protecting Your Loved Ones

Mar 12, 2024
The decision to entrust a loved one’s care to a nursing home is never easy. These facilities promise professional care and support as our family members age. Sadly, the heartbreaking...

Pressure Sore Risk in Nursing Homes

Dec 7, 2023
Pressure sores, also referred to as pressure ulcers or bedsores, manifest as injuries to the skin and underlying tissues due to prolonged pressure on specific areas of the body. Pressure...

Questions To Ask When a Pressure Sore Develops in a Nursing Home or Hospital

Nov 20, 2023
Pressure sores are all too common in hospitals and nursing homes. The development of pressure ulcers in a nursing home or hospital setting is a cause for concern due to...

How To Contact Your Nursing Home Ombudsman

Oct 5, 2023
A nursing home ombudsman serves a critical role in ensuring patient safety and protecting patient rights. But many families with loved ones in a nursing home do not know how...

How To Research A Nursing Home’s Staffing Levels Using Medicare’s Nursing Home Compare’s Website

Sep 7, 2023
Introduction Choosing a nursing home can be a complex and emotionally challenging process. Most all nursing homes claim they provide great care and are able to meet a prospective patient’s...

Bed Sores: Answers To Common Questions

Jul 27, 2023
Introduction As a law firm that represents victims of nursing home and hospital neglect, we are often consulted when patients are allowed to develop painful bed sores. Many have been...

Why Pressure Sores Are So Common in Nursing Homes

Jul 21, 2023
Introduction Pressure sores are potentially life-threatening injuries which too often develop in nursing homes. Pressure sores are not inevitable and can be prevented with diligence. In order to prevent pressure...

Are Pressure Sores Life-Threatening?

Jul 14, 2023
Short Answer: Yes Yes, pressure sores can cause significant harm including pain, infection, sepsis, and even death. The vast majority of pressure sores can be prevented. If pressure sores are...

The Link Between Nursing Home Understaffing and Patient Abuse

Jun 9, 2023
Introduction Nursing homes should be safe havens for our elderly loved ones, providing them with the care, compassion, and support they need in their later years. However, patient abuse remains...

Recognizing Physical Signs of Neglect or Abuse in Nursing Homes

May 24, 2023
Introduction Unfortunately, it is no secret that nursing home abuse and neglect are all too common. There are important warning signs that families should look out for. The occurrence of...
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