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Claim Filed Against Hospital and Physician Alleging Patient Given Deadly Dose of Fentanyl

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Claim Filed Against Hospital and Physician Alleging Patient Given Deadly Dose of Fentanyl

INDIANA — The family of a retired Crawfordsville man who died after receiving a dose of Fentanyl while a patient at a local hospital has filed a complaint alleging negligence and wrongful death with the Indiana Department of Insurance. The complaint, filed against Franciscan Health Crawfordsville, a physician, and other legal entities, alleges the hospital and its staff failed to comply with the applicable standards of care in evaluating and treating the patient.

The complaint alleges that the patient presented to the emergency room of Franciscan Health Crawfordsville with complaints of shortness of breath and alarming vital signs which, along with other indicators, demonstrated he was suffering shock.   According to the complaint, the hospital’s own medical records reveal a documented medication error that resulted in the patient receiving an “improper and deadly dose” of the potent narcotic, Fentanyl. Fentanyl is an opioid drug that is often used as a pain reliever and can result in respiratory distress and death when taken in high dosages.

The complaint describes the patient as lifelong resident of Crawfordsville, a devoted father of three children and grandfather of nine, who was active in his faith and who volunteered in the community.

According to the complaint, to date the named defendants have refused to accept responsibility for the harm.

The proposed complaint filed in this matter with the Indiana Department of Insurance is a public record.

The patient is represented by the Powless Law Firm, P.C., an Indianapolis based law office whose practice concentrates on representing victims of medical malpractice and nursing home negligence.

The investigation into this matter is ongoing. If you are a former employee of Franciscan Health Crawfordsville, or are unaffiliated with the defendants but have any information or knowledge concerning any these matters, please contact us confidentially by calling 877-769-5377.


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