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FBI Raid of Indiana Nursing Home CEO Raises Additional Concerns About Indiana’s Nursing Home Industry

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FBI Raid of Indiana Nursing Home CEO Raises Additional Concerns About Indiana’s Nursing Home Industry

According to various news reports, the FBI has begun conducting a raid at the Carmel home of the CEO of an Indiana nursing home corporation, American Senior Communities.

According to news reports, the raid and investigation by the FBI stems from possible criminal activity related to Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements and kickbacks.  

According to its website, American Senior Communities is affiliated with more than 90 nursing homes located across Indiana.  According to the reports, at least some of those nursing homes are owned by The Health and Hospital Corporation of Marion County.  A list of the nursing homes are provided below.  

Nursing home neglect and Medicare fraud are often associated with for for-profit nursing home corporations.  We previously reported on the Office of the Inspector General’s 2012 study into inappropriate, inaccurate, and fraudulent medical claims for  payment from Medicare. These fraudulent claims by nursing homes cost taxpayers $1.5 billion in 2009 alone.  Nursing home corporations not only boost their bottom line by padding their Medicare reimbursements, but also through short staffing their facilities leading to poor quality of care for patients.

Indiana’s nursing home industry has long held the dubious distinction of providing some of the worst nursing home care in the U.S. For example, in 2009, Indiana was found to have more poorly performing nursing homes than any other state, according to a U.S. Government Accountability Office report.

Today’s troubling reports come after a string of recent media accounts that reflect poorly upon the state of nursing home care in Indiana.  Recently, a former employee of the Waters of Scottsburg nursing home was charged with the felony of voyeurism involving a nursing home patient, for allegedly taking a naked photograph of a nursing home patient’s back, buttocks and legs and sharing the photograph with others on social media.

Earlier this year, indictments were filed by a grand jury filed against a former employee of a Lawrenceburg, Indiana nursing home in connection to the death of a patient of the nursing home. According to news reports, a witness in that case told detectives that the employee violently pulled the patient from a walker, breaking the patient’s vertebra and causing death.

In yet another case, a former employee of a Jasper, Indiana nursing home was charged with sexual battery, battery with injury, and intimidation based upon allegations that the nursing home employee performed sexual acts with a patient, and then threatened the patient if he told anyone about it.

Additional information on Indiana’s nursing home performance and the prevalence of Medicare fraud at nursing home facilities:



  1. Allisonville Meadows (Assisted Living)
  2. Allisonville Meadows (Healthcare)
  3. American Village (Garden Homes, Independent Apartments, and Assisted Living)
  4. American Village (Healthcare)
  5. Arbor Grove Village
  6. Aster Place
  7. Autumn Ridge Rehabilitation Centre
  8. Avalon Village (Garden Homes)
  9. Avalon Village (Healthcare)
  10. Beech Grove Meadows (Assisted Living & Garden Homes)
  11. Beech Grove Meadows (Healthcare)
  12. Ben Hur Health and Rehabilitation
  13. Bethany Village (Assisted Living)
  14. Bethany Village (Healthcare)
  15. Bethlehem Woods Nursing & Rehabilitation
  16. Betz Nursing Home
  17. Brownsburg Meadows (Garden Homes, Assisted Living & Memory Care)
  18. Brownsburg Meadows (Healthcare)
  19. Canterbury Nursing & Rehabilitation Center
  20. Cardinal Nursing & Rehabilitation
  21. Clark Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing Center
  22. Clinton Gardens
  23. Columbia Healthcare Center
  24. Community Nursing & Rehabilitation
  25. Countryside Meadows
  26. Coventry Meadows (Assisted Living, Memory Care & Garden Homes)
  27. Coventry Meadows (Healthcare)
  28. Creekside Village
  29. Cypress Grove Rehabilitation Center
  30. Danville Regional Rehabilitation
  31. Eagle Valley Meadows
  32. East Lake Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
  33. Eastgate Manor Nursing & Rehabilitation
  34. Edgewater Woods
  35. Elkhart Rehabilitation Center
  36. Fairway Village
  37. Forest Creek Village
  38. Forest Hills Commons
  39. Franklin Meadows
  40. Glenbrook Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing Center
  41. Good Samaritan Home & Rehabilitative Center
  42. Greenwood Meadows
  43. Harcourt Terrace Nursing and Rehabilitation
  44. Harrison Terrace
  45. Heritage House Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center
  46. Heritage Park (Assisted Living & Garden Homes)
  47. Heritage Park (Healthcare)
  48. Hillcrest Village
  49. Lake Pointe Village
  50. Lowell Healthcare
  51. Maple Park Village
  52. Markle Health and Rehabilitation
  53. Meadow Lakes (Assisted Living & Garden Homes)
  54. Meadow Lakes (Healthcare)
  55. Meadow View Health & Rehabilitation
  56. Monticello Healthcare
  57. Mount Vernon Nursing & Rehabilitation
  58. North Capitol Nursing and Rehabilitation
  59. North Park Nursing Center
  60. North Woods Village
  61. Park Terrace Village
  62. Prairie Village Nursing & Rehabilitation
  63. Riverside Village
  64. Riverview Village
  65. Riverwalk Village
  66. Rosebud Village
  67. Rosegate (Assisted Living & Garden Homes)
  68. Rosegate (Healthcare)
  69. Rosewalk (Assisted Living)
  70. Rosewalk (Healthcare)
  71. Rosewalk Village of Lafayette
  72. Salem Crossing
  73. Seymour Crossing
  74. Spring Mill Meadows (Garden Homes)
  75. Spring Mill Meadows (Healthcare)
  76. Springhill Village
  77. Springs Valley Meadows
  78. Stonebrooke Rehabilitation Center
  79. Summit City Nursing and Rehabilitation
  80. Swiss Villa Nursing & Rehabilitation
  81. The Timbers of Jasper
  82. Todd-Dickey Nursing & Rehabilitation
  83. Trailpoint Village
  84. University Nursing Center
  85. Valparaiso Care and Rehabilitation
  86. Washington Healthcare Center
  87. Waters Edge Village
  88. West Bend Nursing and Rehabilitation
  89. Westview Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
  90. Williamsport Nursing & Rehabilitation (Garden Homes)
  91. Williamsport Nursing and Rehabilitation (Healthcare)
  92. Willowdale Village
  93. Zionsville Meadows (Assisted Living & Garden Homes)
  94. Zionsville Meadows (Healthcare)



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