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Lawsuit Filed Against ADT By Victims of Brutal Assault

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Lawsuit Filed Against ADT By Victims of Brutal Assault

The Powless Law Firm has filed a lawsuit against ADT Security Services, Inc. and related corporations in Elkhart County on behalf of a mother and her two children who were viciously assaulted and injured during a home invasion by armed intruders.  On June 13, 2013, the woman was awakened in the middle of the night by the sound of her puppy barking.  After leaving her upstairs bedroom, the woman encountered multiple masked intruders, one of whom struck the woman with his gun.   For more than an hour, the intruders confined the woman and her children, subjected them to assault, and threatened their lives.

At the time of the home invasion, the woman was paying for ADT to provide a home alarm system and monitoring service that was to include police notification.  ADT withdrew payments from the woman’s bank account each and every month.  On the night of the invasion, however, the home alarm never sounded when the gang of intruders gained entry through the window of the victims’ home, and ADT never notified local law enforcement to respond.

Following the attack, ADT personnel admitted that the alarm system they installed was not functional.  The lawsuit alleges that ADT committed fraud and gross negligence in fulfilling its responsibilities.

“Our client relied upon ADT to provide the very security services they told our client that she needed and that they provide to keep her family safe.  ADT broke their promise to her and as a direct result she and her children suffered a horrific and prolonged attack,” said Jeremy S. Baber, one of the attorneys representing the victims.

ADT claims to have more than 6 million customers with annual revenue of $3.2 billion dollars, according to its website.

The Powless Law Firm is an Indianapolis-based law firm that represents injury victims throughout the state of Indiana.

We are still investigating this on-going matter.  If you have any information related to the sales practices and techniques of ADT, or the failure of their alarm systems and monitoring services, please call us.

We will be providing additional information related to this matter as our investigation continues.

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