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Tag: patient safety

Consumer Reports – Hospitals Are Dangerous To Patient Safety

By: admin
Mar 21, 2013
In its upcoming May 2013 issue, Consumer Reports is releasing their updated hospital safety ratings, and the grades show that hospitals are still a dangerous place to be.   It is...

Indianapolis Area Discharged Patient Safety Improves In Response to Medicare Penalties

By: admin
Mar 18, 2013
Area Hospitals Feel ‘Squeeze’ to Improve Patient Safety An article appearing in the Indianapolis Star reports on how hospitals are now coming around to reducing the occurrence of patient readmissions...

Why Is The Nursing Home Industry Hiring Convicted Criminals To Care For Our Elders?

By: admin
Feb 26, 2013
If Concerned About Abuse and Neglect, Why Is The Nursing Home Industry Hiring Convicted Criminals To Care For Our Elders?   A society is judged on the basis of how...

Four Indiana Nursing Home Employees Charged In Case of Neglect and Abuse

Feb 12, 2013
In what appears to be yet another example of Indiana nursing home neglect and abuse, various news outlets have reported that four employees of the Providence Home Health Care Center...

Indiana Nurse Arrested on Nursing Home Theft Charges

Feb 8, 2013
  As reported by Stacy Page Online and the South Bend Tribune, a nurse at an Indiana nursing home was arrested for allegedly stealing from the nursing home’s patients. The...

Surgical Malpractice “Never Events” Occur More Than 4000 Times Per Year in the U.S.

Jan 13, 2013
The healthcare industry has identified certain acts of malpractice, which are so egregious, there is universal agreement that they should never occur under any circumstances.  These acts of malpractice include...

The One That Got Away – Patients Often Exit Surgery With “Retained Surgical Items”

Oct 5, 2012
As patients, we rely on our health care professionals for our safety and well-being, no more so than when we have to undergo a surgical procedure.  Yet, according to a...

Eye Opening Report on Hospital and Physician Medicare Fraud

Sep 19, 2012
Health care dollars that could be spent on finding ways to reduce medical malpractice and improve patient safety appears to be falling victim to healthcare fraud and abuse.  A recent...

South Bend Nursing Homes Under Scrutiny for Abuse and Neglect

Sep 2, 2012
Indiana nursing homes have for some time now been recognized as the worst in the nation.  For example, in 2009 the U.S. Government Accountability Office found that Indiana had the...

Indiana Nursing Home Resident dies after attack at Nursing Home.

By: admin
Mar 14, 2012
It was reported this week that a 77-year old Indiana resident of the South Shore Health and Rehabilitation Facility died after an attack by another resident.  Diane Parkinson died on...
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